Carroll Teitsworth

Carroll Teitsworth of Liberty Balloon Co, Groveland, NY

Carroll started his aviation career as a US Navy pilot. Upon leaving the Navy, he operated a small airport with an airplane flight school for 5 years. Cultivating his interest in flight instruction, he thought ballooning would be a sideline to the airport. But in 1978 ballooning became his full-time business, as it is to this day.

Having experienced the importance of ground instruction in the airplane world, Carroll brought the concept of a weekend ground school to ballooning. From the late ’70s through the early 2000s, he cris-crossed the USA teaching Liberty Balloon Co Balloon Pilot Ground Schools. Meeting and learning from balloon students and instructors in different areas, who were flying different balloons, and doing different things with them was a rich experience. The instructor learned more than the students!

Raising 4 kids, (and now 13 grandkids), training horses, and other adult education venues like Bible Study and Sunday School, have all contributed insights with applications to flight training.

From the early ’80s through 2012 Carroll administered over 100 flight tests as a Designated Pilot Examiner for balloons.

Carroll’s balloon activity still includes some flight training, but with the decline in student starts he spends more time and attention on his REMAX contract, doing Balloon Assembly Programs for schools, and a vigorous balloon rides program.

The thing that brings Carroll more satisfaction and joy than all the great balloon experiences he has had, is watching his sons and daughters gradually assuming and carrying forward the family business of ballooning. It’s a crazy, wonderful business we are in!




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